Dyar's Daughter
About: This realism portrait was drawn of a co-worker's baby daughter.
Medium: Charcoal Pencils, 9" x 12" Bristol Paper
Style: Realism Portrait
Four Flowers Together On One Stem
About: 4 flowers together on 1 stem is a representation of 4 beautiful sisters. Each flower & woman is beautiful, different, yet connected.
Medium: Colored Pencils
Style: Nature Realism
About: I try to draw a portrait of my niece for her birthday every year.
Medium: Graphite Pencil
Style: Realism
Stressed Out

Medium: Graphite Pencil Drawing

Why? Just Doodling

Medium: Colored Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper
Crumpled Paper
Medium: Graphite Pencil
Purpose: Practicing Realism
Medium: Marker and Colored Pencil
Car Keys
Medium: Charcoal and Graphite Pencil
Portrait of My Corporal
This was his retirement gift from me and my coworkers.
Medium: Pencil
Creepy Drawing of Me
Medium: Graphite Pencil

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